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Drylok: Good or bad for your wet basement?

Drylok: Good or bad for your wet basement?

Because you clicked on this article, you probably know what Drylok already is. In case you don’t know, it is a waterproofing paint for your basement that works together with the pores in the concrete or brick walls. Drylok creates a sealed surface to prevent water from entering your home, thus completely preventing a wet basement. While this product may sound excellent so far, it may be too good to be true as there are some negative factors to consider before using it. These negative factors include the cost required depending on how many leaky areas currently exist, how long Drylok will last, and the root of the wet basement problem. AK Waterworks can answer any additional questions you have on water issues in your basement.

Drylok: Good or bad for your wet basement?

Basement Waterproofing Cost Factors

Drylok is a leading competitor in the indoor basement waterproofing business. The Drylok product has gone through many trials and tests throughout the years. While Drylok is a top competitor, that means it does not come cheap. According to the official Drylok website, a 10x10 square will require two coats totaling slightly over 2 gallons. At Home Depot, five gallons of Drylok original formula costs around $159*, which means it is roughly $64 for a 10x10 square if you use the original Drylok formula. This price goes up for their “Extreme” formula, costing approximately $80* for a 10x10 area if you want stronger absorption for an impenetrable barrier. If you are lucky, you will only need to seal a small space, but in most cases, it is better to seal the entire basement at one time. The average size of a basement is 1500 square feet and 8 feet tall, with the average shape being rectangular. With some simple math, that means the cost to seal all four walls with Drylok’s original formula ultimately would be roughly $880*. Before you take on this task yourself, give us AK Water Works a call for a free estimate. *Prices as of January 2024

Limited Warranty for Waterproofing

As Drylok is an indoor waterproofing sealant, it does not last forever. Drylok comes with a 7-15-year warranty, and while this is a very long time, it does mean that you may have to renew this sealant again in the future. Give AK Water Works a call to discuss a more permanent option. During their visit, our professionals will be able to determine what repairs need to be made to solve your water leakage or water invasion problem.

The root of the Water Problem

Drylok is an indoor waterproofing paint, and while that has been mentioned several times, it is a crucial detail. Waterproofing your basement from the inside may be cheap, but it is by far the least effective way of waterproofing your basement, and this is because it never stops the source of the water. Most of the time, the water comes from a flawed drainage system, an unsealed exterior basement, or a lack of draining soil around the basement’s exterior. This means that the Drylok will be acting as a band-aid while never really fixing the cause of the problem.

While Drylok sounds hugely tempting to use, several negative factors come with it. The best thing you can do for your basement is never to start DIY-ing it at the beginning of your project. Instead, consult a professional who has been working on basements for a long time and has experience doing it. AK Waterworks will know precisely the type of path for you to take to completely waterproof your basement, whether it be Drylok or waterproofing your basement on the exterior. Whatever this path may be, it will be resource and cost-efficient and most likely solve the root of the problem at the same time. Call us today.

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