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Crawl Space Vapor Barriers Services | AK Water Works

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers Services

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers Services

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Our Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Services

  • Installation of the 20-mil 7-ply polyethylene vapor barrier
  • Caulking and foaming to seal crawl space air leaks
  • Vent cover installation or repair
  • Crawl space access hatch replacement or repair
  • Installation of Drainage Matting as required for enhanced moisture and vapor retardation

Do I need a vapor barrier in my crawl space?

The polyethylene vapor barrier resists the passage of air. Preventing air movement from the ground can turn your crawlspace into a semi-conditioned space close to the temperature of the living spaces above. Your floors feel warmer in winter, and your energy bills can go down. A vapor barrier in your crawl space slows or prevents the evaporation of ground moisture into space. If coupled with a waterproofing system, moisture and water can be diverted from the crawl space, preventing future problems. Eliminate rot, rust, mold, odors, insects, or other moisture-related issues.

Up to 40 percent of the air on the first floor of our homes comes from the basement or crawl space! Warm air in the upper levels rises and is expelled through the attic. That air is expelled must be replenished. The vacuum caused by this air movement sucks air up from the crawl space or basement.

Signs of excessive crawl space moisture

  • Standing water or mud on dirt floor after a rain
  • Signs of rot and rust in crawl space
  • High radon levels
  • Unpleasant musty odors
  • Respiratory discomfort, headaches, allergies issues
  • Insect or other pest infestations
  • Mold or mildew on walls and floors of the first-floor
  • Peeling paint on the exterior of the home
  • Efflorescence on crawl space walls