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Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

Why Is My Water Pressure Low

Low water pressure makes showering, washing dishes, cleaning, and cooking a hassle. Your water pressure is low when there is not enough water being pumped from your service line to your house. As you tap your foot, waiting for a pot of water to fill up, you might wonder if there’s an easy fix. That depends on the cause of the low water flow. Low water pressure may occur for several reasons, so identifying the source of the problem will help you begin to solve it. Let's discuss some of the most common causes of low water pressure .

Leaky Pipes

Leaking pipes can cause water pressure to decrease. Plumbing Leaks are challenging to identify since the water can often travel quite a distance along with the piping before becoming noticeable. Plumbing and water meters should be checked periodically for signs of leakage. Plumbing leaks can also cause water to be wasted.

If water is leaking from your pipes, you need to get the leak fixed before it can be eliminated as a cause of low water pressure . AK Water Works will examine your pipe joints for signs of wear and tear or damage.

Buildup in Pipes

Plumbing fixtures and fittings that are clogged or broken will lower the water pressure in your home. AK Water Works has several options for clearing minor clogs in your pipes to severe cases that may lead to the pipes outside of your house. Plumbing fixtures with blocked air holes or partially clogged aerators should be replaced immediately. AK Water Works specializes in repairing and replacing plumbing fixtures that have become damaged due to low water pressure .

Failing Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators help maintain a balanced water flow that is neither too high nor too low. If the entire home’s water pressure drops suddenly, this can be a clear indication of a broken pressure regulator. Plumbing and water meters should be checked periodically for signs of leakage. Leaks can generally be found by turning off all water supply lines to your house (at each fixture) and checking for leaking pipes or joints with a sponge.

Faulty Faucets and Fixtures

If you notice low water pressure only in one showerhead or one sink faucet, you’re likely dealing with a fixture issue. The fixture might be clogged or need a new aerator, or you might need to replace the fixture altogether. An AK Water Works plumber will look at the fixtures when investigating low water pressure issues in your home.

Water Demand

Low water pressure may be caused by a burst main, which is the pipe that delivers water to your home. AK Water Works specializes in identifying and repairing leaks within the main pipe. AK Water Works plumbers are trained to identify water-wasting fixtures, which can be adjusted to reduce their consumption.

Hopefully, you can finally find a good balance of water pressure in your home after having AK Water Works troubleshoot and address the cause. But keep in mind you can also have water pressure that is too high for comfort. Strike the perfect balance to keep your water flowing smoothly.

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Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

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